Why poetry can enrich your life, and make you a better person moving forward.

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How to create titles that earn your reader’s attention

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Steal like an artist

Although it may not be one of the traditional sense…

What she taught me about how to tell a story through verse…

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The 22-year old former Youth Poet Laureate and 2021 Inaugural Poet on writing what we’re afraid about and building a writing routine…

By Shawn Miller — https://blogs.loc.gov/loc/2021/01/amanda-gorman-selected-as-president-elect-joe-bidens-inaugural-poet/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=99053911

Know your audience

Gorman had been halfway through the process of writing her poem, after finding she was chosen to write it in late December of…

Making a huge splash right off the bat isn’t the only way to get traction…

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And I massively disagree…

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Some simple tips that really changed the game for me…

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1. Consistency is key.

In the past two months, I’ve been posting content three days a week, every week, and for the past four days I’ve even challenged myself to post a video every day.

This storytelling technique could also be used as a model on how to change yourself into a smarter individual.

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Here’s what they said…

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How one of the world’s greatest presidents accomplished more in twenty minutes than most do in two hours.

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